Surety Bonds

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Surety bonds are the lifeblood of a contractor...

and are very similar in nature to the protection that insurance provides, however obtaining surety bonds is much different than purchasing insurance. They can be broken into two main types: 

Contract Bonds
Commercial Bonds


These bonds include: 

- Bid bonds

- Performance & payment bonds 

- Warranty bonds

These bonds include: 

- Subdivision bonds

- License bonds

- Permit bonds 

- Fiduciary bonds

- And more.

How Do I Get a Bond?

Credit Based Programs - This method requires the owners to have a credit score above 650 which will allow you to speedily apply for bid bonds, performance and payment bonds, as well as subdivision bonds. This program is limited to $500,000 single job size and $1,000,000 in aggregate costs to compete at any one time.

Standard Bond Programs -  Single project and aggregate limits are established based on company and personal financial statements. Specific documents and, in most cases, CPA prepared financial statements are required for this method of obtaining contract bonds.

Commercial Bonds are typically obtained based on owners’ credit, collateral and business credit, and are supported, for larger projects, by corporate and personal financial statements.